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ComDoc/Global, a Xerox company, has been a stalwart of the printing and office machines industry for more than 50 years. ComDoc’s customer-centric approach has allowed the company to grow steadily in a highly competitive industry. Its in-house customer care center is unique to the communications management industry, and ComDoc was the first copier company to expand into services and solutions selling, now known in the industry as “Managed Print Services.”

Originally a family-owned business, now part of Xerox’s Global Imaging Systems, the company’s name was coined from the words “COMmunication” and “DOCumentation.” ComDoc continues to offer the same award-winning services and sales based on its A.D.A.P.T. values—Accountability, Decisiveness, Act Ethically, Passion, and Trust.

ComDoc/Global’s 360° workflow assessment delivers a comprehensive analysis of customers’ printing and copying needs, leading to a data-driven, custom solution that optimizes workflow and reduces costs while allowing customers flexibility in their print management choices.

Why Did Sourcing Alliance Develop A Managed Print Services Program?

Sourcing Alliance participants expressed their frustration with the process of procuring copiers and managing their cost of in-house printing and duplication. We began investigating whether there was an opportunity to develop a program that would provide meaningful value to our participants and address the challenges they had experienced. What we learned convinced us to develop a first-in-the-nation, already-procured contract for managed print services.

What Did Sourcing Alliance Learn?

  • Printing to a laser or inkjet printer can cost 2 to 6 times more than printing to a multi-functional (copy, print, scan, and fax) device.
  • Most Sourcing Alliance participants established leases with service contracts for their multi-functional devices (MFDs) with third-party suppliers, but very few of those suppliers also managed the participants’ printers.
  • Printers were managed in-house or by another third-party provider. Because the management of MFDs and printers were not integrated, most participants were installing and paying for far more printing and copying capacity than they actually required.
  • MFD contracts with suppliers typically included clauses that enabled suppliers to unilaterally increase their charges each year and assess a wide range of additional charges.
  • Existing consortia or state-term contracts focused primarily on securing the lowest possible price for purchasing MFD equipment, but did not substantively addressing leaving or cost-per-click payment options.  Additionally, these contracts largely ignored ongoing service and maintenance, overage charges, and other terms and conditions critical to containing the total costs billed to customers.

Public-sector entities are faced with a daunting challenge when going out to bid their printing services needs. Too many organizations see the lowest cost per page as the primary determining factor in their decision. However, there are thousands of dollars in additional costs hidden in most contracts:

  • Escalator clauses – the vendor’s ability to unilaterally increase pricing by 10% or 15% per year, each year of the contract term.
  • Shipping charges – fees paid to return equipment at the end of the contract, sometimes to destinations outside the continental U.S.
  • Auto renewals – automatic contract extensions at new, higher rates unless the customer proactively sends notification of non-renewal 30 to 90 days prior to contract expiration.
  • Contract buyout charges – costly fees to purchase leased equipment at the end of the contract term.

Apples-to-apples comparisons of multiple vendor proposals are virtually impossible to achieve. There are too many variables vendors can exploit:

  • Machine speeds
  • Accessories
  • Toner costs and limitations
  • Years in the lease
  • Overage charges
  • Copies included each month
  • Charges for 11” x 17” prints or scanning

For a detailed description of Sourcing Alliance’s procurement process to download or print, click here.

Sourcing Alliance set out to develop a first-of-its-kind approach in the public sector that integrates all costs associated with in-house copying and printing (including hardware, software, installation, management, maintenance, service, and toner) to establish a clear total cost of ownership model that enables Sourcing Alliance members to migrate to a single contract for each of these print-related elements with a proven supplier, access defined service level agreements, establish a single bill each month, and be charged a single price per copy/print over the term of the contract with no upfront capital expenditures. This usage-based pricing model eliminates up-front capital expenditures – members only pay for the prints they produce.

For a detailed description of Sourcing Alliance’s managed print services procurement process to download or print, click here.

The Procurement Process

We selected an industry expert who had been a CEO for more than 25 years, including many years of experience in the copier industry, as our consultant to lead the development of the request for proposal (RFP) specifications, interview suppliers, review proposals, and assist in selecting the final supplier. We selected him because he is fully versed in the multi-functional device (MFD) and printer industry, is deeply experienced in evaluating copier companies and service providers, is intimately familiar with the major manufacturers and services providers as well as their respective capabilities, and fully understands the business and revenue model that drives the copier industry.

We drafted proposal specifications with input from our industry expert and a number of public-sector entities, including Bowling Green State University, Lorain County Community College, and Cuyahoga Community College. We researched the supplier marketplace and identified numerous potential suppliers that could meet the stringent criteria we developed. We contacted more than a dozen national suppliers and invited them to participate in the process. We reviewed our program objectives with each supplier and provided them an opportunity to review the draft specifications and provide their feedback before finalizing the specifications and publishing the RFP.

After months of development, the Sourcing Alliance team completed the print management program specifications and assembled the final RFP. In accordance with Ohio Revised Code, Sourcing Alliance published notice of the RFP opportunity on our website and in a newspaper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks. We also proactively forwarded the RFP information to each supplier we had identified and interviewed during our advance research. We wanted to secure as much supplier interest and as many legitimate proposals as possible to establish the most competitive program for our program participants.

Why Did Sourcing Alliance Select ComDoc/Global As Our Managed Print Services Partner?

We selected ComDoc/Global, a Xerox company, for a number of reasons:

  • ComDoc/Global is the industry leader in managed print services and was one of the first companies to recognize that the deployment of copiers and printers should be integrated to provide the best, most economical solution for the customer.
  • ComDoc has been a leading printer management company in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York region for approximately 60 years.
  • Through Xerox, ComDoc/Global provides the best, highest quality depth and breadth of equipment available in the marketplace.
  • ComDoc/Global clearly understood the solution we were developing for the public sector and the need to provide a comprehensive solution through a single contract vehicle that could be tailored to meet the needs of individual program participants.
  • ComDoc/Global has a proven track record of conducting up-front audits to develop optimized and flexible solutions for each its customers.

Sourcing Alliance’s contract with ComDoc/Global is designed to lower program participants’ total printing and duplication costs. To achieve this objective, ComDoc conducts a no-cost assessment to: a) establish a member’s total current costs; b) identify and catalog all existing on-site printing, scanning, fax, and copying equipment; and c) determine the total volume and type of print/copy jobs conducted organization-wide. With this information in hand, ComDoc/Global then designs an optimized solution with the appropriate deployment of devices and technology that cost-effectively meets the needs of the participant.

Read more about ComDoc’s 360° assessment here.  This assessment is available to all Sourcing Alliance members at no cost, and is typically completed in only forty five (45) days.

Sourcing Alliance and ComDoc/Global worked together to come up with very aggressive pricing. Our contract also allows you the flexibility to receive customized pricing tailored to meet your unique needs. The program focuses on achieving the best overall cost of ownership for your organization. There are no hidden fees, charges, or terms that are often found in competitor’s contracts.

We created a contract that is oriented towards lowering participants’ total printing and duplication costs. The first step in this process is to conduct a no cost assessment to: a) establish the total current costs, b) identify and catalog all existing printing, scanning, fax, and copying equipment on-site, and c) determine the total volume and type of print/copy jobs conducted organization-wide.

With this information in hand, ComDoc is then in a position to design an optimized solution with the appropriate deployment of devices and technology that cost-effectively meets the needs of each program participant.

Features & Benefits

Our objective was to establish a print management program under a first-of-its-kind total cost of ownership model. Within the program, Sourcing Alliance members participating in the program can:

  • Migrate all copy, print, scan, and fax equipment and services to a single contract with a proven supplier.
  • Access defined service-level agreements, with a single bill each month.
  • Pay a single price per copy/print over the term of the contract with no upfront capital expenditures.
  • Only pay for what you use.

The goal of any Managed Print Services program is to gain transparency and control printing, to help you save money and boost productivity.

ComDoc can help you optimize your office printing environment with the right mix of products, services, and solutions to substantially cut your document management costs.

Be More Efficient With Comdoc’s Managed Print Services

  • Learn about the tools you need to implement a print strategy that saves cost and increases efficiency with the ComDoc 360° Assessment.
  • Choose a mix of products, services, and solutions that will deliver the greatest efficiency and returns.
  • Manage and track usage for each device on your network to see how the savings add up and the true cost of ownership goes down.
  • Decrease utility costs with energy efficient equipment.
  • Enable printing from mobile devices​.​
  • Security and monitoring software ensures your data and documents are in compliance with critical regulations.
  • Receive service on all machines, even ones not purchased from ComDoc.

A disaster recovery plan for your important and irreplaceable documents is often overlooked, but necessary in the event of a flood or fire.

Digitally store, organize and share your business’ documents with ComDoc’s cost friendly Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. By capturing, managing, sharing and protecting your paper and digital content in one central location, this solution streamlines the flow of information within your organization.

The features include collaboration, version control, document check-in/out, threaded discussions, audit and screen capture, information lookup in design data manager (DDM), content submission via email,  and high-performance imaging.

  • Secure access to documents from any location, 24/7.
  • Upgrades and expanded use with scalability features to add more users and store more content.
  • Easy-to-deploy, requiring little to no IT support and no additional hardware or software.
  • Intuitive web-based interface requires little to no training.

From small desktop printers, to high-speed production devices, Xerox leads the industry in reliable, productive machines for your every need.

Partner with ComDoc and receive all of the benefits of teaming up with a Fortune 500 company like Xerox, only made better because you’re served locally.

  • Multifunctional Printers – Boost productivity with the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax at one convenient location. Explore our full line of high-speed & high-resolution multifunctional devices.
  • Printers – Save money on print jobs with any one of our color or black & white laser printers.
  • Production – Print your largest jobs with these professional digital printers and presses, now available in high-volume black & white, high-volume color and continuous-feed printers.
  • Certified Pre-Owned – Spend smarter with this cost-effective alternative to new equipment.

ComDoc’s Certified Pre-Owned Equipment is the ideal way to save money on high quality equipment, right from the start.

ComDoc’s 8 Step Quality Assurance Process ensures that our pre-owned systems can have the same service, pricing, financing rates, performance, and guarantees as new equipment. All certified pre-owned equipment sold by ComDoc is also backed by our Accountability Guarantee.

The 8 Steps Of Quality Assurance:

  1. Select a quality Xerox machine with minimal usage that meets Lewan standards
  2. Strip the machine down to its core and thoroughly clean all of the covers and accessories
  3. Remove all of the subassemblies
  4. Replace all consumable parts with brand new ones
  5. Thoroughly test the machine and run a multitude of tests to confirm the highest quality on every job
  6. Update devices with the latest firmware
  7. Test overall performance and accessories
  8. Prepare machines for a safe and fast delivery

Move beyond the traditional copy, print, scan and fax features of your multifunctional device by adding software to address your unique business challenges.

When you add our industry-leading solutions to your multifunctional device, you can simplify and automate everyday work with personalized software applications, better manage your information, improve document security, and get the most out of your ComDoc hardware investment.

When reviewing copier and printer proposals, interpreting what is included in the proposal specifications is often overwhelming, and is very difficult to decide which supplier offers the best options for your organization. Based on our experience and research, we identified 18 points that must be considered in comparing one proposal against another. Your total cost is determined by far more than just the initial price quote you receive and will be impacted by:

  1. Lease term
  2. Fixed or variable pricing
  3. Toner charged separately
  4. Limited toner provided with additional costs for “excess” toner utilized
  5. Variance between current and proposed machine numbers
  6. Variance between current and proposed machine speeds
  7. Different accessories (number of paper trays, paper tray capacity, finisher features, etc.)
  8. Connection and IP support offered at a chargeable rate
  9. Copies/pages not included in the monthly payment
  10. Step lease where the lease payment increases dramatically over the rest of the term
  11. Balloon payment due at the end of the lease
  12. Third-party lease paper with no performance guarantees
  13. Used equipment vs. new equipment
  14. Additional charges for scanning
  15. Overage rate at a higher rate than the base rate
  16. Rolling or re-financing existing equipment in with the new equipment to lower equipment costs
  17. Exorbitant ship-back rates at the end of term
  18. Color vs. Black copies and prices

Sourcing Alliance is here to do the analysis work on your behalf—through an already-procured contract, Sourcing Alliance can review and analyze your needs, and we can compare contracts and proposals to identify the specific items that make the difference between a great contract and a bad one.

Please contact Sourcing Alliance by telephone at 216.581.6200 or by email at info@SourcingAlliance.org with any questions or for clarification. We are here to help make this process easier for our members.

To learn more about this program or request a 360° assessment at no cost to you, call or email Sourcing Alliance today. Contact Sourcing Alliance by telephone at 844.289.6728 or by email at info@SourcingAlliance.org.

Download or print a detailed description of how to Get Started with Sourcing Alliance’s print management program with ComDoc/Global here.

How To Secure A No-Cost 360° Review

If you would like to receive this comprehensive, no-cost analysis of your copying and printing needs, please provide the following information:

Your current copier service provider and approximate agreement end date. If you have more than one supplier, please provide this information for each supplier.

Estimated monthly spending on supplies, maintenance and toner:

Contact information regarding your current on-site program manager (IT Director, Office Manager, Business Manager, etc.), including:

The total number of devices your organization has (an estimate is fine).

Experience the benefits of working with Sourcing Alliance