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Sourcing Alliance’s Purpose is Simple…
to enable you to more effectively fulfill your purpose. How? By leveraging group purchasing and procurement expertise to save you, our members, time and money, unleashing financial and human capital to reinvest in providing the best possible service to your constituents, customers, and stakeholders.

The Mantra of Every Public Sector Group Purchasing Organization

Like virtually every other nationwide public sector group purchasing organization (GPO), Sourcing Alliance works with a lead public procurement agency that is legally empowered to conduct RFP processes, enter into cooperative purchasing agreements, and make those agreements available to public sector organizations such as: municipalities, K-12 school districts, counties, higher education institutions, special districts, and state and federal agencies across the country. We:

  • Ensure compliance by following public sector purchasing guidelines to procure cooperative agreements for the products and services our members purchase.
  • Leverage our members’ combined buying power to command better pricing and favorable contract terms.

What does that mean for our members? You can confidently purchase through our agreements to save time and money while remaining in full compliance with applicable procurement laws. Here at Sourcing Alliance, however, that’s just the beginning…

How is Sourcing Alliance Different?

We Embrace a Total Cost of Ownership Philosophy
The price you pay for something doesn’t equal what it actually costs you. Sourcing Alliance is an unyielding advocate for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions. Our request for proposals (RFP) specifications are intentionally designed to reduce the total resources (in both hard and soft costs) our members expend throughout the entire life cycle of a product or service, from procurement and acquisition to delivery, payment, and ongoing service.

We Reject One-Size-Fits-All Solutions
The typical consortium or state term contract often presents a one-size-its-all solution, reminiscent of the famous Henry Ford quote, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.”

At Sourcing Alliance, we recognize each member is unique; the needs of a large urban municipality are different than a small rural school district or mid-sized suburban college. Our objective in developing a new program is to create all-encompassing RFP specifications from which you can configure the best solution for your organization through our already-procured, cooperative agreement.

Sourcing Alliance engages three distinct and highly-knowledgeable audiences to develop our specifications:

  • Members – what are your wants and needs in this spending category? What are the pitfalls to avoid based on your experience?
  • Subject Matter Experts – what are common mistakes public sector entities make when developing specifications in this spending category? What are ways suppliers take advantage of their customers and how do we avoid them? What industry trends should our specifications address? Who are the leading suppliers in the industry and what makes them different/better?
  • Suppliers – we recognize the most knowledgeable people in the industry are the suppliers, who are on the front lines every single day. How are you evolving to serve your customers better? What differentiates one supplier from the next? What can our members do to be more attractive customers and therefore secure better pricing and contract terms?

The net result? You receive the benefits of our members’ combined buying power in whatever color you like.

We Believe in the Value of Service
With most GPOs and state term contracts, you are effectively on your own. You shouldn’t have to figure out which contracts are available to you and are the right fit for you. You shouldn’t have to navigate the supplier’s corporate structure to find the right contact. You shouldn’t have to wonder if you’re receiving the right contract pricing. You shouldn’t have to call a 1-800 number and navigate an automated phone system when you have a problem. The list of things you shouldn’t have to do on your own goes on.

Sourcing Alliance believes in servicing our members. You have a dedicated point of contact, with a name, direct dial, email address, and even a picture. This individual works tirelessly to help you manage the complexities of designing and implementing the best solutions for your organization, actively assists you with increasing efficiency within your organization, and supports your efforts to drive down your direct and indirect costs.

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