David J. Akers

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David J. Akers is founder, President and CEO of Sourcing Alliance, but another title perhaps describes him best is an innovator. With a keen eye for identifying problems and gaps in current processes, he could settle for being merely a consultant. Instead, David prefers to tackle these problems himself. His understanding of needs is paired with the ability to design and implement unconventional yet effective solutions.

In fact, almost the only conventional item on David’s resume is Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from the University of Virginia. His record since then is one of consistent innovation in industries ranging from fashion, state lotteries, commercial properties to campaign management, technology and real estate. These initiatives resulted in his authorship or co-authorship on five different patents.

Sourcing Alliance is firmly rooted in David’s legacy of creative problem-solving. To begin, he formed two separate organizations. The first, Collaborent Group, was made to design and market group purchasing solutions for the public sector. The second, Sourcing Office, was formed as a government organization allowing these public entities to join forces to purchase these products. Sourcing Alliance represents the combined ongoing growth and evolution of these two original partners–an unprecedented solution to the problem of inefficiency in government purchasing.

David sets the continuing strategic direction for Sourcing Alliance as its CEO. He is still closely involved in outreach for new partnerships, always working to make the business more beneficial and effective for its clients. His focus is on communication and leadership. Many people talk about potential, but David always wants to see potential realized with accomplishment. Just as in the civic arena, in which he is also very influential, he recognizes that significant success cannot happen without communication. This is the key to his incredible record of strategically implementing creative solutions and the basis of his ongoing leadership of Sourcing Alliance.

Keith McDevitt

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Keith McDevitt is a powerful presence bridging the gap between suppliers and customers. He is driven to succeed in all he does, whether as a father, a coach, or a salesman. Customers, however, know him as the starter of the process. Everyone who partners with Sourcing Alliance has certainly talked to him at some point, and his confidence and competence draw them in. As Sourcing Alliance’s VP of Business Development, Keith is consistently driving the business forward by helping customers and suppliers find the best value.

Keith has put his B.A. in economics from the University of Rhode Island to very practical use. He understands how to demonstrate value, as is clearly evidenced by his sterling resume of sales success. With experience at every level from personal sales to managing sales representatives to reading financials and consulting, Keith is a consummate professional. He has also owned his own business, giving him firsthand knowledge about growing partnerships and seeing the bigger picture as a business grows from the ground up.

This kind of development and growth is exactly what Sourcing Alliance has seen Keith bring since he joined the team in April of 2011. As he leads and oversees all sales, marketing and revenue functions, his passion for mission and value are unmistakable. He shows everyone who utilizes Sourcing Alliance’s services the benefits of their methods and the sophistication of their vetting process. It is not so much sales as facilitation at its best, and connecting the right product to the right person to save money and get results.

Lisa Fuentes

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Lisa Fuentes is not just another accountant. No stereotypical number-cruncher, she likes to have fun and has a smile to match her mind. Her 27 years of high-level experience in the field she loves has given her the freedom and skills to run her own business, and she fits well as an independent contractor in the efficient yet easy-going culture of Sourcing Alliance.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with her accounting degree, Lisa achieved excellence with Ernst & Young and rose quickly through their ranks. When she started her family, though, she found herself needing to travel much less than her demanding job required. Her four children are clearly at the front of her mind at all times, and they helped point her career in a new direction. It was time to become her own boss.

Lisa now operates her own full-service private accounting firm, and has been contracting with Sourcing Alliance and its partners since 2007. She handles all the vital financial functions of the company, from accounting and budgeting to payroll and monthly statements. Lisa’s vision is to provide clients with quality service and products, but she always does so with a personal touch that sets her apart.

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