Association Partner Relationship

In our experience working with Association partners, we have learned that there are three objectives driving the decision-making and strategic priorities for most Associations:

  • Relevance: We are competing for our member’s time and attention. In what ways can we provide value to our members to make our Association indispensable to our membership?
  • Retention: Association memberships are often one of the first line items eliminated during cost cutting measures. In what ways can we provide products and services that will help to maximize our year-over-year member retention rate?
  • Revenue: Our traditional revenue sources are fragile. What products and services can we provide to our membership that will generate unencumbered revenue to support our ongoing operations?

Our Turn Key Approach

Many Associations turn to group purchasing programs as an “easy” way to generate revenue to support Association programming. The challenge is that implementing and managing group purchasing programs successfully is a lot harder than it looks.

Sourcing Alliance provides our association partners with a fully-managed, outsourced group purchasing program that offers Association’s members access to already-procured contracts that have delivered demonstrated savings.

Revenue Sharing Plan

As part of the contracting process, Sourcing Alliance and each of our association partners negotiate a revenue sharing plan in which the Association receives a percentage of the administrative fee Sourcing Alliance is paid by suppliers. The Association receives a portion of Sourcing Office’s administrative fees that are generated by the purchases of the Association’s members through any of Sourcing Alliance’s contracts.

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