The Sourcing Alliance Methodology – Establishing GPO Contract Terms

At the beginning of this digest, I mentioned that I lead the business development efforts for Sourcing Alliance, a public sector group purchasing organization.

This week, I’d like to discuss how Sourcing Alliance leverages our 14 years of experience working with public sector entities in order to provide suppliers with a way to both grow and retain more profitable public sector revenue.

Let’s get to it.

As we discussed in our last digest, the Sourcing Alliance team has developed a methodology to convert an existing, publicly-procured contract already awarded  to a supplier into a piggybackable contract vehicle that can be leveraged as a public sector sales tool nationwide. This approach enables suppliers and Sourcing Alliance to legally and appropriately build, in full compliance with public sector procurement requirements, a single cooperative contract that includes pricing flexibility, the supplier’s entire line of products and services, and the ability to configure a tailored solution for each customer.

Using that single cooperative contract, we accelerate your public sector sales by training your sales representatives on the pricing and contract terms of the agreement, developing sales tools  that will answer any legal or compliance questions your customers have, and working with you to design and implement targeted marketing campaigns in order to create opportunities for business attraction, retention, and growth.

View our Supplier Overview Video to learn more. Sourcing Alliance works with suppliers in order to grow and retain more profitable public sector revenue. If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to take advantage of, let’s start a conversation.


Questions? I am here to help. Contact the Director of Product Development, David Robbins, at 216.478.1070 or email

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