The First Nationwide One Card Campus ID Program

An Innovative Campus Card Management Solution for Sourcing Alliance Members

The functionality and capabilities of campus ID cards have evolved dramatically over the past 30 years. In the 1980s and 1990s, campus ID cards were primarily utilized for students and staff to buy meals, borrow books from the library, and prove they were authorized to access certain on-campus facilities and events. Verification of campus ID cards was primarily a manual process and, by today’s standards, campus ID cards were “dumb” cards.

Just as the telephone industry has evolved from rotary dial phones to smart phones, campus ID cards have evolved from “dumb” cards with limited functionality into “smart” cards that can be used in virtually every aspect of campus life.

Today’s campus ID can be both a physical card and/or a credential on your smart phone. The cards can be integrated with a wide range of on-campus systems and activities, from managing and utilizing a meal plan to accessing dorms and facilities, from purchasing event tickets to checking out library books, from monitoring attendance to using laundry facilities and copiers. Card issuance, utilization, and management are all tied together via Information Technology to provide students and staff with a seamless on-campus experience.

Implementing a 21st century campus ID system is an incredibly complex undertaking. A new card system must be able to integrate with a wide range of existing physical (such as point of sale systems, access control hardware, and vending machines) and software (such as student information systems, ERP platforms, and merchant services) infrastructure. Otherwise, the time and money invested in those systems goes to waste and those systems must also be replaced, which is an expensive proposition.

Youngstown State University (YSU) requested Sourcing Alliance’s assistance in developing and conducting a request for proposals (RFP) process to replace YSU’s 20+ year old campus ID management system.

Sourcing Alliance Developed the First Nationally Available One Card Campus ID Program

YSU and Sourcing Alliance partnered to research, develop, and implement the first-in-the-nation already-procured One Card Campus ID Program to not only meet the needs of YSU, but also the needs of Sourcing Alliance members nationwide. The program offers an innovative campus card management solution that leverages the most current one card industry technology and balances cost and quality to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our members. Our requirements included:

  • A Comprehensive Campus Card Management Solution – all-inclusive campus card management system that could be easily configured to meet the needs of any Sourcing Alliance member.
  • Flexibility & Functionality – an open architecture system with a wide range of existing data integrations (e.g., Banner and other ERP systems, meal plans, housing, off-campus vending, bookstore POS systems, and, mobile credentials, and access control systems).
  • Aggressive Pricing – significant discounts on both a campus card management system and any required data integrations.
  • An Intuitive User Interface – an easy to use interface for patrons (students, faculty, and staff) and system administrators.
  • Quality Customer Service – an in-house customer service center to quickly respond to and resolve member issues when they arise.
  • Reliability – a demonstrated history of implementing high-quality campus card management solutions on time and on budget.

Why did Sourcing Alliance and Youngstown State University Select Atrium?

Sourcing Alliance and YSU selected Atrium as our supplier partner because of Atrium’s demonstrated expertise in providing best-in-class one card system technology that can be configured to meet the needs of colleges and universities nationwide. Atrium’s proven technology is in use today by over 1.4 million students, faculty, and staff at over 100 of the nation’s leading colleges and universities. Atrium provides:

  • An All-encompassing Campus Card Management Solution – a revolutionary campus card management solution, modular and scalable to support the expanding needs of any campus regardless of size. 
  • Competitive Pricing & Budget Certainty – aggressive discounts, a renewable five-year Fixed Price Guarantee, and one-time-per-connection setup charges allowing Sourcing Alliance members to connect their existing campus systems and add additional systems with no recurring fees or price increases.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden – a customizable Dashboard that enables permission-driven administration anytime, anywhere, and eliminates the need for special computer skills and add-on packages for reporting and other tasks.
  • A Superior User Experience – a wide variety of on and off campus services effortlessly accessed by students, parents, and family through mobile devices and various forms of campus ID, including the latest smartphone ID technologies.
  • An Open & Non-Proprietary System – a secure, hosted cloud system that integrates with more than 130 providers of related software and hardware and eliminates the need for costly, proprietary on-campus IT infrastructure and expensive maintenance contracts. Atrium is also the only campus card management system provider that has already established an integration with Bosch Video Management System.
  • A Dedicated Service Team – personalized, fast-response, 24/7/365 live support from a team of seasoned industry professionals that have a working knowledge of each individual member’s system and guaranteed 99.99% uptime.
  • Reliability – has never missed a go-live date.

To learn more about Sourcing Alliance’s One Card Campus ID Program, check out our program overview brochure. You may also give us a call at 844.289.6728 should you have any questions.

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