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B&H is the “Professional Source” for Photo, Video, Audio and all Creative Technology products that fit the needs of Government, Education and Corporate customers. They also have the widest selection of Security, IT, Multimedia, Optics and A/V Presentation technology which makes them a true one-stop-shop for your facility or organization.

After 30 years of serving B2B customers you can rest assured that B&H understands your needs. They offer the following benefits:

  • A personal Account Team for order processing, customer service and unique requests
  • Technical advice, planning & solutions from experienced professionals
  • Largest selection with over 250,000 products and 1,500 brands to choose from, Unrivaled in-stock inventory enabling quick delivery
  • State of the art warehouses, efficient order processing and real time tracking, all to assure quick delivery to multiple campus locations
  • Institutional and Cooperative contracts
  • e-procurement options to simplify your purchasing needs
  • Various payment options including, University “P” (credit) Cards, Purchase Orders, Leasing, Wire Transfers, etc.
  • Award-Winning Customer Service

To learn more about this program call or email Sourcing Alliance today at 844.289.6728 or info@SourcingAlliance.org. A dedicated support center representative will be ready to help you with any questions you have.

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