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Attention to Detail: A Model For Success

Scioto/Marsden (Marsden) is a leading provider of building janitorial services. Its team of motivated associates delivers janitorial services in a safe and cost-effective manner. Marsden’s staffing model and proprietary processes ensure they monitor and measure all the details essential to success for their customers and associates. Marsden Services is setting the new standard in the building services industry.

What differentiates Scioto/Marsden Services?

Three key differentiators highlight Marsden’s capabilities:

  1. Process/technology – Marsden Services embraces software technology to ensure service, inspection, and problem resolution is automated and fully visible to the client. For example, cleaning associates clock in and out at job sites using smart phones, supervisors track their teams and inspection results using Marsden’s proprietary online system, and clients submit special requests or issues through the online system. The net result is Marsden’s clients and management have 360⁰, real-time visibility.
  2. Hiring – When it comes to janitorial services, it’s all about the people providing the services every day. Marsden’s hiring process goes the extra mile to identify and train the right people, and Marsden’s hiring process delivers: Marsden’s employee turnover is 80% below the industry standard.  The benefit to clients is consistent service delivery and better security.
  3. Full disclosure pricing model – Marsden Services provides its customers full disclosure on their pricing. Customers see clearly Marsden’s actual costs to deliver services and know where their dollars are going.

Marsden Services delivers better service because of the processes and technology it deploys, the people it hires, and the additional management it allocates to each account.

Marsden Services measures its progress on five key metrics: Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Morale (SQCDM):

  • Safety – Provide training tools covering emergency procedures, OSHA compliance, proper lifting, and more
  • Quality – View audits, ratings, and client satisfaction surveys
  • Control – Manage costs, including operating budgets and supply ordering frequency
  • Delivery – Access project scheduling, operational cleaning cards, developed efficiencies, etc.
  • Morale – Associate surveys to measure attendance, turnover, associate morale, and more

Janitorial services are high touch and high visibility. The quality of the services provided is critically important for both employees and constituents/customers/stakeholders, and poor performance is unacceptable. The cleaning industry often experiences high turnover, and the quality of a service provider’s hiring process, initial training, and ongoing management are critical success factors. The bottom line is that, while price is always an important consideration, selecting a janitorial services provider based on price alone is a crucial mistake that has longstanding and often highly disruptive consequences for the customer.

Our objectives in developing the Janitorial Services Program were to:

  • Provide a complete line of janitorial and related services
    • Micro cleaning services
    • Hard surface floors
    • Interior & exterior surfaces
    • Carpet and fabric
    • Construction & remodeling
    • Emergency cleaning services
  • Related services and capabilities that provide additional value to our members
  • Educate members about the latest developments and advances in cleaning methods and technology.
  • Utilize technology tools to track cleaning activities, inspections and results, and work orders in real time and with full visibility.
  • Select an industry certified (CIMS) supplier with a proven track record of high-quality service delivery, worker retention, performance, and customer satisfaction, with explicit service level agreements to match.
  • Provide members with the option of selecting the cleaning supplies and equipment that will be utilized in their buildings.
  • Ensure that members of all sizes (from small to large), type (from schools to cities to counties to universities and libraries, etc.), and number of locations (from one location to multiple buildings in a campus setting to multiple locations) have access to customized services and capabilities to meet their unique requirements and needs.

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Whether you’re the only tenant, or you manage a property with hundreds of occupants, keeping your facility clean, safe, and healthy is what Marsden does. Marsden’s qualified managers, skilled workforce, and proven processes put the right checks and balances in place to insure Marsden meets its customers’ needs and act proactively to identify and resolve any potential issues before they become problems.

Marsden Services’ 800+ associates clean millions of square feet each day and provide a variety of essential building services for business, healthcare, government, and education properties. By measuring and maintaining best-in-class standards for client satisfaction, Marsden provides its customers with the quality they demand in a building services partner.

Selecting the right commercial cleaning partner can have a significant impact on your organization’s image . It can also have a positive effect on the morale and health of your employees.  First impressions last, and the state of your office, facility, or building speaks volumes about your organization.

Learn more about Marsden’s cleaning services:

Our search for a janitorial/cleaning services program began as an engagement for the Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) system, which needed regular, consistent cleaning services for 450,000 square feet of space spread across 21 locations. Our objective was to develop a program that met CCPL’s specific requirements and which could be extended to Sourcing Alliance members nationwide.

For a detailed description of Sourcing Alliance’s procurement process to download or print, click here.

The Procurement Process

Our team of Sourcing Alliance and CCPL staff developed the request for proposal (RFP) tailored to CCPL’s specific needs. Our RFP development team had deep experience and expertise in defining detailed janitorial services specifications, vendor evaluation and selection, and direct management of janitorial services providers. Our process met all requirements for a publicly procured contract under state regulations. We identified and proactively contacted more than a dozen potential suppliers to learn about the breadth of their offerings and their service capabilities, and to secure their input into the RFP specifications. We developed a comprehensive RFP, proactively distributed it to each of the potential suppliers, and published the RFP in accordance with public sector purchasing guidelines. In all, more than twenty (20) potential suppliers participated in the process.

Our proposal review team scored the proposals received on both a qualitative (Technical) and quantitative (Cost) basis as required by public sector procurement guidelines. We selected three finalists and conducted multiple interviews with senior leadership of each company. We performed numerous reference checks with customers of various sizes and unique requirements to verify the quality of service and effectiveness in customer communication. We carefully evaluated the pricing proposals to ensure that we were comparing pricing on an apples-to-apples basis.

Why Did Sourcing Alliance Select Scioto/Marsden as Our Janitorial Services Partner?

Sourcing Alliance chose Scioto/Marsden (Marsden), for its proven experience, quality service, and innovative processes. Marsden is a proven provider with over 30 years in business. The company is a standout in the cleaning-services industry for customer and employee retention, and has developed innovative approaches to service management.

We selected Scioto/Marsden because Marsden provides:

  • Innovative and effective quality controls using latest technology and tools to track time and tasks.
  • Transparency to clients to see issues and resolutions in real time.
  • Deep commitment at all staff levels to maintain high-quality standards for building cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Close coordination with clients to develop contract transition plans to ensure smoothest possible implementation.
  • Consistent staffing of buildings. Scioto maintains a very high employee retention rate, which further ensures a high degree of service, safety, and security for your buildings.
  • A committed approach to its proprietary process focuses on Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale (SQCDM).
  • A web-based tracking system to measure all essential details are monitored, measured, and reported to ensure Scioto is meeting or exceeding members’ performance expectations.
  • A full line of services as required in the RFP (micro cleaning, carpet and fabric, hard surface floors, interior and exterior surfaces, construction and remodel, etc.).

Marsden also has received rave reviews from its current customers of all types and sizes for its quality, communication, diligence, and strength of relationship it develops and maintains with customers. Other service highlights:

  • Customizes its solutions to meet the unique needs of individual members.
  • Operates a 24×7 customer care center, staffed by Marsden employees.
  • Establishes and executes ongoing communication plans with customers to ensure regular dialogue and to identify/resolve issues before they become significant problems.
  • Employs a rigorous hiring, background screening, and training regimen to ensure that the best available individuals are hired and prepared to perform services for each member.
  • Utilizes rigorous service level agreements that address worker retention, on-time closure of work orders, inspections, training, sustainability, and lost days.
  • Follows a strict process and structure for account management, including quarterly reviews and ongoing communication.
  • Is flexible and either a) provides requested cleaning materials and equipment, or b) utilizes materials and equipment provided by the member.
  • Can provide union, living wage, and/or non-union staff as required.
  • Provides 24×7 emergency response to natural and man-made disasters, flood and fire clean-up and restoration, and blood-borne pathogen and biohazard clean-up.
  • Has Security Services (Level 1, 2, and 3 guard and patrol), technology, threat identification/training, and protocol development.
  • Offers mechanical services with on-site maintenance, HVAC design-build, and calibration.
  • Is CIMS certified, has LEED certified personnel on staff, and utilizes Green Seal and Greenguard certified cleaning products.
  • Serves Sourcing Alliance members from coast-to-coast through the Marsden family of operating companies’ nationwide footprint.

Transitioning From In-House Cleaning Staff

Migrating the provision of janitorial services from in-house W2 employees to a third-party service provider for the first time can be a challenge. This process needs to be planned carefully, communicated to the stakeholders clearly, and executed seamlessly. The program participant may choose to manage the migration from the following options: 1) all at once; 2) through attrition, or 3) all participant employees become Scioto/Marsden (Marsden) employees. Properly managing the transition is a significant concern for Sourcing Alliance members who don’t currently use third-party janitorial services providers. Marsden management invests the time and resources to get this transition right – something many service providers do not do. 

Transitioning From Another Service Provider To Scioto/Marsden

Marsden’s senior management works behind the scenes with its dedicated teams to plan and execute transitions from another provider to Marsden. It takes great care to ensure participants’ needs are considered and incorporated in the transition plan. Marsden takes the time to learn about each Sourcing Alliance member and builds its team and solutions around them. So participants get everything they need in a cleaning company…and nothing they don’t.

Software Tools & Visibility

Marsden employees use Marsden’s proprietary smartphone-based task- and time-tracking tools. These tools allow Marsden to manage real-time attendance, inspection, reporting, problem identification and resolution, and communication processes. Marsden’s use of these systems is the basis for Marsden’s exceptional delivery of higher quality services than its competitors. Marsden provides its clients real-time access to these tools to ensure full transparency. Clients report Marsden’s management tools and transparency are highly effective and addictive.

Consistency & Security

Employee turnover is a huge issue in the janitorial services industry. Marsden goes to great lengths to hire the best people and then trains them thoroughly in the Marsden program, with the aim of a) delivering service that exceeds participants’ expectations, and b) reducing turnover. And it works! Marsden’s turnover is approximately 80% lower than the national industry average. In addition to lower staff turnover, 85% to 90% of Marsden’s staff are employed as full-time associates. The result? Marsden delivers improved service levels (i.e., lower absenteeism) and better consistency of services with cleaners who get to know your building better. Lower employee turnover also equals better overall security for your facility because there are fewer people with access to your facilities.

Getting started is easy.  You have three options:

  • Complete the online form at
  • Call Sourcing Alliance at 844.289.6728 and ask to speak with a representative about the Janitorial Services Program
  • Email Sourcing Alliance with your contact information and the best times for our team to contact you about the Janitorial Services program

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