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StreamLink is the leading grant management SaaS technology provider for non-profit and public sector organizations.

StreamLink’s flagship grant management solution, AmpliFund:

  • Delivers a proven, flexible and configurable system with an easy-to-use interface for both grantees and grantors.
  • Provides a reliable, secure, and fully auditable system.
  • Offers detailed reporting capabilities to include annual activity reports and date-specific activity reports through the grant application, scoring, award, and management lifecycle.
  • Provides the ability to import all existing grant-related data from various word processing and spreadsheet files into AmpliFund quickly and accurately.
  • Is available and accessible to users 24 hours per day, seven (7) days a week from any Internet-connected device.
  • Requires little-to-no staff time to maintain, repair, or upgrade software because AmpliFund is a remotely hosted software-as-a-service solution.

Many Sourcing Alliance members i) award and administer grants, ii) pursue and receive grants, or iii) both (for example, receiving block grants from state or federal agencies, distributing those funds to multiple recipients at the local level, and reporting back to the original block grant funder).  Managing grants, whether as a grantor, grantee, or both, became much more complicated with the passage of the federal Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (“DATA Act”) in 2014.  The DATA Act requires federal spending data (including grant dollars awarded) to be aggregated, reconciled, and published to create greater fiscal accountability and transparency of taxpayer dollars at the national level.

As part of Sourcing Alliance’s continued commitment to make it easy for our members to fulfill their missions efficiently and cost-effectively, Sourcing Alliance decided to develop a full lifecycle grant management program.  Our program specifications adhered to the federal Data Act regulations, while also addressing each of the following common pain points that our members identified throughout the lifecycle of managing grants, whether as a grantor or grantee:

  • Finding Grant Opportunities – difficulty in identifying or overlooking grants applicable to your city, county, state, special district, school, or non-profit organization.
  • Responding to Grant Opportunities – inefficiencies in developing and submitting responses to identified opportunities, including repurposing content previously developed for similar grant applications.
  • Receiving and Scoring Grant Applications – managing the influx of high volumes of grant applications and facilitating the work of numerous individuals who are often in different physical locations, involved in the scoring process.
  • Notifying Applicants of Grant Awards – ensuring that all grant applicants are accurately notified of the status of their applications and documenting those communications for audit purposes.
  • Reporting Against Grant Metrics – difficulty in measuring, recording, and tying grant-related activities to grantor performance requirements.
  • Managing Grant Awards and Grantee Reporting – receiving grantee reporting, auditing those reports, ensuring that grantees are meeting their grant-related obligations/deadlines, and approving additional distributions.
  • Forfeiting Funds – failing to meet grant requirements and/or submit required reporting completely or in full, thereby not qualifying for additional drawdowns.
  • Failing Audits – ensuring the proper recording of grant data for audit purposes.
  • Aggregating Grantee Reporting – assembling grant-related data easily and in one place to consolidate all grant-related data and reporting for internal and external purposes.

The Illinois State Treasurer Office (the “State Treasurer”) conducted an exhaustive, ten-step procurement process for grant management software and services in accordance with the public sector procurement guidelines of the State of Illinois. The State Treasurer awarded the contract to StreamLink.

For a detailed description of Sourcing Alliance’s procurement process to download or print, click here.

The State Treasurer began by developing a set of detailed specifications based on its original process design and findings from conducting the first round of grant evaluations and awards manually. The specifications focused on implementing a software-based solution that enabled efficient and accurate processes for i) soliciting, receiving, and scoring grant applications, and ii) managing grants once awarded. The criteria took into consideration the background and experience of respondents, the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution, the ease of implementing and using the solution, data security, permission-based access, and the end-to-end capabilities of the solution (from receiving grant applications through scoring, award, reporting, and ongoing grant management).

The State Treasurer narrowed the six vendors down to multiple finalists who were invited in for a product demonstration and intensive interview. The State Treasurer sought a solution provider with both a highly effective software tool and extensive industry knowledge to help guide the State Treasurer in refining and improving its grant management process.

Sourcing Alliance partnered with StreamLink to provide our members with an end-to-end grant management solution for both grantors and grantees. StreamLink’s online grant management software, AmpliFund, allows your organization to standardize complex tasks, increase efficiency, ensure compliance with federal funding requirements, and secure additional revenue. The program delivers:

To Both Grantors and Grantees

  • AmpliFund, a single web-based grant management software solution designed to meet federal requirements, including the DATA Act
  • Fully configurable software modules to handle every stage of the grant management process
  • Custom pricing designed based on individual needs
  • Centralized document storage for streamlined communication both internally and externally
  • Knowledge center to keep up with industry news and grant tips and tools

To Grantors

  • Simplified proposal process with application storage, scoring, and digitized fund distribution
  • Efficient notification and management of grant awardees
  • Easy-to-manage grantee reporting to ensure grant-related obligations are met and properly documented

To Grantees

  • End-to-end solution for the entire grant lifecycle – research and planning, proposal and activity management, data monitoring, and report creation
  • Sophisticated tracking and reporting capabilities to ensure completion of grant tasks and proper use of funds

To schedule a live demo of the AmpliFund platform call us at 844.289.6728 or email us at info@sourcingalliance.org/.


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