Winning Public Sector Business – Which public sector sales channel is the best for my organization?

Now that we have identified all of the possible options you have for pursuing public sector business, let’s talk about how to determine which of those options is best for your organization.

To begin, ask yourself a couple questions:

  1. What are the most frequent challenges (read: pain points) that I have when it comes to selling to local governments and educational institutions?
  2. Do any of the sales channels actually mitigate or solve for these common challenges?
  3. If some or all of my recurring public sector sales challenges went away, what would that mean for my business?

I recognize that those questions are not always the easiest to answer. As a guide, Sourcing Alliance has developed the following side-by-side comparison of what we have learned to be suppliers’ most common public sector sales frustrations (in the left-most column) and the degree to which each sales channel alternative resolves each issue. Take a look.

Why respond to up to 92,000 one-off bids/RFPs or spend the time and money to establish up to 50 state term contracts when you can establish one GPO contract that enables you to sell to public sector entities nationwide? In our experience, most suppliers quickly recognize that establishing a nationwide cooperative agreement through a public sector group purchasing organization as an alternative to responding to one-off bids and RFPs is the most effective, lowest cost alternative.

The next challenge is figuring out how to compare and contrast your public sector GPO options which will be the subject of our next digest. Read on!

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