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Buying online. The world of remembering usernames and passwords for dozens of sites, logging in to site after site, checking out from site after site, managing dozens of transactions with different vendors, trying to remember which items you purchased last time…

What if you could simply go to one site, log in one time, purchase from all of your vendors, check out one time, and be done with it?

The Sourcing Alliance Marketplace

The mission of Sourcing Alliance has always been simple: to save you, our members, time and money, time and money that you can reinvest to more effectively achieve your individual missions.

Sourcing Alliance launched our online Marketplace last year to provide you with a simplified way to purchase the products and services your organization needs to operate. The Marketplace is an online mall with multiple supplier “storefronts” through which you can purchase a wide range of products and services. From office supplies to electronics; furniture to maintenance, repair, and operational supplies; payroll software to a slew of special services, the Marketplace has millions of products available to you in one place.

Sourcing Alliance chooses suppliers through both public procurement and rigorous vendor selection processes. These suppliers offer better pricing through Sourcing Alliance than they make available to individual members. In addition, the Sourcing Alliance Marketplace incorporates a wide range of other features and tools that simplify and streamline every aspect of purchasing:

  • Single sign on so you have one username and password to access dozens of suppliers
  • Single checkout process makes it quick and easy to buy from multiple suppliers
  • Catalog-based search function lets you buy like a procurement professional
  • User-created shopping lists provide easy access to all the items you purchase
  • Powerful reporting tools help you better manage spending
  • The ability to integrate requisition approvals, RFQs, and ERP and financial systems

Help Us Help You…

If you make purchases for your organization, simply visit, create a no-cost or obligation account (if you don’t already have one), and begin shopping!

We recognize that there are probably numerous other individuals within your organization who also have purchasing responsibilities. Please forward this newsletter to others who make buying decisions to ensure that they are familiar with the features and benefits of the Sourcing Alliance Marketplace.

Alternatively, you may simply click here to provide us with the contact information of those people, and we will reach out to them directly.


The Sourcing Alliance Marketplace…yet another benefit of your Sourcing Alliance membership.

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