Sourcing Alliance’s purpose is simple…to collaborate with supplier partners in order to grow and retain more profitable public sector revenue through the development and execution of a public sector sales strategy.

Winning Public Sector Business with Sourcing Alliance

Public sector entities are subject to strict procurement guidelines for purchases of products and services over certain dollar amounts or spending thresholds. Typically, public sector entities are required to conduct a public bid or RFP process in order to select a vendor. The only way that public sector entities can bypass their required procurement processes is to piggyback on (or purchase through) contracts that were already-procured by another public sector entity.

Sourcing Alliance developed a methodology to convert an existing, publicly-procured contract already awarded to a supplier into a piggybackable contract vehicle that can be leveraged as a public sector sales tool nationwide. This approach enables suppliers and Sourcing Alliance to legally and appropriately build, in full compliance with public sector procurement requirements, a single cooperative contract that includes pricing flexibility, the supplier’s entire line of products and services, and the ability to configure a tailored solution for each customer.

Going to Market with Sourcing Alliance

Sourcing Alliance’s already-procured master contracts provide public sector entities with the opportunity to compliantly buy directly from Sourcing Alliance’s supplier partners without having to conduct a traditional stand-alone bid or RFP. From the supplier partner perspective, supplier sales reps can sell their company’s value proposition and capabilities AND provide public sector buyers with a legal and appropriate avenue to purchase from the supplier partner without the prospect conducting a bid or RFP.

Sourcing Alliance works with our supplier partners to accelerate their public sector sales by:

  • Training sales representatives on the customizable pricing, terms, and conditions of the cooperative master contract and how to sell their products and services using an already-procured master contract vehicle.
  • Developing sales tools that will aid in the sales process by addressing common legal and procurement questions so that your sales team can focus on selling your products and services, while our team handles customers’ legal, procurement, and compliance questions.
  • Creating, implementing, and managing targeted marketing campaigns to jointly identify public sector entities across the country. These campaigns cultivate opportunities for business attraction, retention, and growth, and set the stage for supplier sales representatives to initiate the sales process with public sector entities for whom the master contract is a viable solution.
  • Supporting the sales process by working hand-in-hand with your sales team throughout the sales cycle. Public sector entities frequently want to validate the legitimacy of the procurement process that established the master contract with each Sourcing Alliance supplier partner. Additionally, legal counsel often have questions regarding the legal authority of their entity to purchase from Sourcing Alliance supplier partners through our cooperative contracts. Our team engages with public sector prospects to respond to these types of inquiries and provide the appropriate documentation so your team doesn’t have to.

Sourcing Alliance also Offers Negotiated Master Contracts

In addition to the already-procured, competitively solicited master contracts that are a staple of Sourcing Alliance’s portfolio, Sourcing Alliance also establishes negotiated master contracts with selected suppliers. These negotiated master contracts are not created following the same formal public sector procurement process and are clearly designated as “negotiated” master contracts on our website and in our collateral materials.

What are the circumstances under which Sourcing Alliance establishes negotiated master contracts, rather than conducting a formal public sector RFP process to establish already-procured, competitively solicited master contracts? Here are some situations:

  • When our members and our team determine that a particular spending category may not require a formal public sector RFP process under many or most state codes
  • When the typical amount purchased by a public sector member is below a meaningful spending threshold that would trigger a formal public sector RFP process
  • When there is typically no direct cost to the public sector member for the product or service
  • When the product or service is a voluntary benefit that will be made available to and paid for by members’ employees and not the member itself (for example, our LifeLock Identity Theft Protection program)
  • When the selected supplier provides a managed procurement service as part of the program and will conduct a procurement process that complies with public sector guidelines for individual Sourcing Alliance members (for example, our energy procurement management program with Kinect Energy/OnDemand Energy)

If you want to learn more about how we work with our supplier partners or how you could become a Sourcing Alliance supplier partner, you can request more information by clicking here or by telephone at 216.478.1070.

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