Associations & Affinity Groups

Sourcing Alliance’s purpose is to partner with select associations to provide a turn-key, fully managed group purchasing benefit for the association’s members. The result will help the association deepen its relationship with members with the organization by offering access to our group purchasing programs.

Association member benefit programs provide a Triple Win scenario:

  • Contributes non-dues revenue and improves member retention for the association.
  • Cost savings and enhanced relevance for association members.
  • Stronger participation increases overall buying power within Sourcing Alliance’s programs.

Sourcing Alliance has established both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) purchasing agreements with a wide range of product and service suppliers. These agreements offer measurable cost savings to your members. Whether you have 10 members or 200,000, Sourcing Alliance has a program that benefits your association and its members. In addition to offering your members relevant cost-saving programs, rest assured that the confidentiality of your association’s members list is important to Sourcing Alliance. We will not market them outside of the program agreements.

Sourcing Alliance private labels the member benefits programs for your association and will work within your organization’s established communication channels, email, newsletters, website, trade shows, annual meetings, etc., to keep the association’s identity first and foremost. We also coordinate the implementation process between your members and suppliers once a member decides to move forward with a program. Participants utilizing these member benefits do not change their buying patterns. Members transact directly with the suppliers to make and pay for their purchases.

Are the savings real? Yes. Members of our association partners are saving as much as 42% through our programs.


How Member Benefits Agreements Are Established:

Sourcing Alliance develops a detailed set of specifications and conducts a lengthy procurement process for each contract with our subject matter experts. We select the supplier that provides the most comprehensive solution and value for our members and association partners. We negotiate favorable pricing, terms, and conditions and establish a master agreement that enables us to offer the member benefits to you and your members.

How It Works:

Our program aims to make it easy for the association and its members to sign up and save.

What does “easy” mean? There is no fee, and no minimum purchasing or participation requirements to join Sourcing Alliance to begin utilizing our contracts. In addition, Sourcing Alliance empowers each association partner with control over what Sourcing Alliance contracts to offer to its members. We will work with your staff and board members to develop an implementation and communication strategy. We manage suppliers to make sure all benefits are as advertised, and we’ll deal with any customer-service issues.

Unlike some providers of member benefit programs, we are not looking to take over your members’ inboxes with hundreds of unsolicited offers. We integrate information about the member benefits programs into your existing channels of communication, and you approve all communications before they are sent out.

As part of the contracting process, Sourcing Alliance and each association negotiate a revenue sharing plan in which the association receives a percentage of the administrative fee Sourcing Alliance is paid by suppliers. The association receives a portion of Sourcing Alliance’s administrative fees generated by the purchases of the association’s members through any Sourcing Alliance contracts.

For more information on our turn-key approach and the revenue model, you can request more information by clicking here or by telephone at 844.289.6728.

How to Get Started:

Download and complete the Association Profile form and send it to

Sourcing Alliance’s key criteria for evaluating partnering potential:

  • Will you provide a complete membership list to Sourcing Alliance?
  • Will you endorse and provide exclusivity to Sourcing Alliance’s qualified suppliers to your members?
  • Does your association offer its members a password protected website?

Program/Contract Categories:

  • Office supplies
  • Energy—Electricity and Natural Gas
  • Printing and copiers
  • Check recovery
  • Identity theft protection
  • Maintenance and repair tools and products
  • Janitorial services


Are providing and managing member benefits programs your core competency? Many groups and associations have tried to implement member benefits and group purchasing programs. Very few are successful on their own, primarily because most groups and associations were formed for some other purpose (a trade association, professional networking and development, advocacy, etc.). Member benefits are often not a core competency, and disappointing member benefits programs with low participation are too often the result.

Early adopters are critical. A crucial component of success in rolling out member benefits programs is to identify and target likely early adopters. These are entities who are very involved in the association, whether as board members, volunteers, and/or as existing participants in other association programs. Sourcing Alliance works closely with association staff to engage potential early adopters, to educate them about the member benefits programs, and to encourage their active participation. We then use these participants as case studies to showcase to the broader association membership.

Communication is key. Developing and implementing the right communication strategy is also critical. Sourcing Alliance adheres to a “Goldilocks” strategy – not too much, not too little, just right. Association staff’s knowledge of the membership and member communication preferences plays a vital role in helping to shape the ongoing communications with association members.

For more information, please contact Sourcing Alliance by telephone at 844.289.6728 or by email at with any questions. We are here to help make this process easier for our members.

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