As a non-profit entity, you face unique challenges like balancing service delivery, good fiscal management, and oversight from funders, media and the public. We offer you access to programs, save you time and money to help you face these challenges efficiently and confidently.

We Save You Time

  • Your procurement team is responsible for evaluating, buying, and managing supplier relationships in numerous product and service categories. Rather than leaving the timely research and decision process to them, let us handle it for you!
  • By taking the workload off your procurement team, they will be able to re-invest more time sourcing the spending categories that are strategic to your organization. This allows you to better support your priorities.

We Save You Money

  • With the buying power of thousands of members, we’re able to secure better pricing from our suppliers.
  • We work closely with you to evaluate the savings we can provide compared to your current methods.
  • Our programs typically save you 15%-25% across a broad range of products and services!

Why Should I Have Confidence in Sourcing Alliance’s Master Contracts?

Our already-procured (that’s public sector lingo) master contracts are established following rigorous procurement guidelines. These guidelines typically exceed private company, internally established requirements. You can read about the public sector procurement guidelines on our website at

The bottom line: our supplier selection and evaluation process for already-procured master contracts is intensive and must meet or exceed the annual state audit requirements. We have extensive documentation of each of our procurement processes available to all of our members upon request.

What if My Team Has Legal Questions?

We help you navigate procurement and other legal questions on a daily basis. For each already-procured master contract, we develop a summary of the procurement process that you can access upon request. These summaries address three core questions:

  • Why did we develop the program?
  • How did we procure the awarded master contract?
  • Why did we award the master contract to the selected supplier?

Does Sourcing Alliance also Offer Negotiated Master Contracts?

Yes. Our negotiated master contracts also follow a rigorous procurement process, but do not have to meet the same legal standards sometimes required by our public sector members.

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