A Better Cooperative Purchasing Network

Sourcing Alliance is a collaboration of local, regional, and national group purchasing organizations (GPO’s). We establish and manage master contracts with suppliers for a broad range of products and services. Our members are eligible to purchase products and services through these master contracts without having to conduct their own procurement processes. As a result of our members’ combined buying power and our procurement expertise, these master contracts feature more aggressive pricing and better terms and conditions than our members can achieve on their own.

Sourcing Alliance is a membership organization. Any entity that joins Sourcing Alliance is eligible to utilize any of our master contracts to reduce their procurement workload (save time) and receive better pricing (save money).

Who can Join Sourcing Alliance?

Virtually any public sector entity, business, and not-for-profit organization can join Sourcing Alliance and purchase through any of our existing master contracts. There are no costs to join, no membership dues, and no requirements to utilize any Sourcing Alliance master contract. Joining Sourcing Alliance simply provides you with the ability to utilize any of our master contracts at your sole discretion. It’s easy and free to join Sourcing Alliance today – just click here.

How does a Sourcing Alliance Master Contract Work?

Sourcing Alliance members choose which of our contracts they will utilize. Members establish accounts and/or purchase directly from Sourcing Alliance supplier partners. Suppliers deliver the products and services and bill Sourcing Alliance members directly, under the pricing and billing terms of the master contract. The only real change to your typical buying process is that you are accessing better pricing and improved contract terms and conditions under the Sourcing Alliance master contracts. Nothing else changes in your day-to-day operations.

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