Our #1 value to public sector members is simple: Compliance.

Like virtually every other nationwide public sector group purchasing organization (GPO), Sourcing Alliance works with a lead public procurement agency that is legally empowered to conduct RFP processes, enter into cooperative purchasing agreements, and make those cooperative purchasing agreements available to public sector organizations such as: municipalities, K-12 school districts, counties, higher education institutions, special districts, and state and federal agencies across the country. We:

  • Ensure compliance by following public sector purchasing guidelines to procure cooperative agreements for the products and services our members purchase.
  • Leverage our members’ combined buying power to command better pricing and favorable contract terms from suppliers.

Our purpose is simple: to enable you to more effectively fulfill your purpose. How? By leveraging group purchasing and procurement expertise to save you, our members, time and money, unleashing financial and human capital to reinvest in providing the best possible service to your constituents, customers, and stakeholders.

What if My Team Has Legal Questions?

We’re available to answer legal questions on a daily basis. For each already-procured master contract, we develop a summary of the procurement process that you can access upon request.

We also have legal authority documents for each of the 50 states that cite the applicable state codes for you to procure and purchase master contracts.

Do You Provide Appropriate Documentation for its Already-Procured Contracts?

Yes. We assemble and maintain all procurement and master contract-related documents. These are available to you at any time upon request and include:

The original request for proposal (RFP), documentation of public notice, proposals received, bid tabulations, authorizing legislation, final contract documents and any amendments.

Does Sourcing Alliance also Offer Negotiated Master Contracts?

Yes. They are not created following the same formal public sector procurement process and are clearly designated. We establish negotiated master contracts when:

  • A spending category doesn’t require a formal public sector RFP process under most state codes.
  • The typical amount purchased by a public sector member is below a meaningful spending threshold.
  • There is typically no direct cost to the public sector member for the product or service
  • The product or service is a voluntary benefit that will be made available to and paid for by members’ employees and not the member itself (for example, our LifeLock Identity Theft Protection program).

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